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AEP ® Lexicon ™

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

By Dobbe Boogaerts 1 November 2019, 8:00

In this Lexicon new paradigms, concepts, philosophies, ideas and breakthrough technologies are touched upon by serial inventor and entrepreneur Dobbe Boogaerts. In order to educate, inspire and inform people about the Organisational Venture ™ that will see the daylight in the coming decade (2020 - Official Launch), the founder of the Sustainable Organisational Ecosystem, Dobbe Boogaerts shares the AEP ® Lexicon ™ . I Flextransportation ™

All e-transportation means (electric bikes, electric scooters, segways et cetera) and

regular bikes, steps. Also skateboards, longboards, inline and roller skates are included.

II Synectivity ™

Composition of synergy and connectivity An increase in connectivity facilitates smart collaborations which make sustainable value creation possible.

III Ecosystem service application ™

Through appropriate technology applications can be developped which support natural ecosystems and contribute to paradigm shifts. IV Sleeping goods

Sleeping goods are goods which are left unused for long periods of time. This can be due to multiple causes including the purchase of a new product, loss of interest in the product, storing the product in a place that is not visited for a long time or various other reasons.

While a person in the same ecosystem buys the same good and also doesn’t use it for longer periods of time, there’s two identical goods sleeping in a local ecosytem which leads to significant less optimal utilisations of material goods, overproduction and overconsumption at large. Scarce resources are wasted while overproduction and overconsumption harm our planet.

Economic processes based around sharing which activate sleeping goods, stimulate circular business processes and realize peer-to-peer value exchanges, contribute to a more sustainable, circular economy and mitigate climate change. This on conditition that the electricity needs of the facilitating network are kept at an bare minimum.

V Ecolometrics ™

In regards to more recent economic theories such as the Doughnut Economy a submergy of ecology and economics is adviced. In a practical sense this implies that in addition to purely economic indicators including input, productivity and output more indicators need to be taken in the equation which indicate impacts on the near environment and the larger climate.

In recent years there have been conducted studies which measure the pollution of air. In European countries, America and Asia the importance of clean air has gained more importance by the members of our societies. This was reflected later in a higher ranking of the topic on the political agenda. Recent studies have proven that newborns who have been exposed to severly to highly polluted air suffer measurable damage to vital organs.

If we want to be prosperous as societies we must broaden our concept of prosperity and economy itself in ways that we deal with indirect costs responsibly. This can be illustrated on the basis of a simple example: companies that contribute to higher air pollution indirectly harm the health of our community with as an indirect consequence an increase in healthcare costs. One of the problems or rather challenges associated with the climate transition is the creation of a middle ground, an optimum not to jeopardize organizational activities and equally not to mortify the high standard of living in the civilized world.

A metropolis that is almost unlivable due to the enormous amount of fine dust (smog) can be considered prosperous from the point of view of classical economic theories. In the light of Ecolometrics new insights with relevance to ‘Assymetric information’ can be gained. George A. Akerlof, A. Michael Spence and Joseph E. Stiglitz won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001 with the term ‘Assymetric information’. Economic models built on solid information are often found misleading because with a transaction often one party has superior information.

In reality in big cities (economic) transactions take place which are left out of the picture in the business canvas. Through organisational activities goods are produce and services delivered. This is a fundamental exchange in economics.

In addition to this fundamental economic exchange another more ecological exchange takes place. In current ‘smog cities’ all over the world more financial resources are created in exchange for worse air and therefore also worse quality of life. As stated earlier, the indirect costs of this exchange are damage to vital organs for newborns, lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases for residents. As societies we do not agree on the fact that we must reclaim the impact that organizations have on the environment through financial or other compensations.

If we want to cultivate sustainable, liveable cities we must deal with indirect costs such as impact on the air quality resonsibily. This starts from the launch of organisations and gains importance with further development. Smart ecolometrics should prevent asymmetric information. Almost all economic transactions involve information asymmetries. The fact that more economic activities can lead to damage to the environment is something we all agree on. Whether organizations should compensate for indirect negative impacts opinions are divided.

Smart ecolometrics in combination with standard econometrics can pave a path where excesses are avoided and added value on a social, ecological and economic level are optimized.

Blockmarking Technology ™

VI Suprartificial intelligence ™ Suprartificial intelligence ™ is a tier higher than artificial intelligence.This is a form of artificial intelligence which through building in safety measures, demanding clearance by humans before an artificial driven device acts and performs pre-built algorythms, patterns and or makes data-driven decisions. This prevents AI-based machines to act completely autonomous.

Through learning robots and other AI-driven machines to not only execute autonomously, but also judge independently in favor of humans. We can learn artificial robots to always judge in our favor, or so to say we can program them to do so. Figuratively we could make guns which would be uncontrollable, that would theoretically never stop firing. That is simply irational to do. However, explanation-wise there are a lot of similarities between guns which start firing and are impossible to stop once they are assemblied with an uncontrollable AI-driven device. Both can do an awfull lot of damage when there is no safety switch built in.

As we design a gun to be able to shoot once we take off the safety switch and pull the trigger, we should try to learn to do the same. We need to be able to guide artificial intelligence (AI) in closed off low-impact environments whereby we can do two or more activities simultaneously: 1. We can intercept in the behaviour of the AI-based device, control, stop it and or let it continue. 2. We can learn an AI-based device to judge in favour of humans. Suprartificial intelligence ™ is located one tier higher than artificial intelligence since it can provide us new solutions, innovations, do tasks in automized and faster ways than humans, make artificial intelligent driven decisions while opposite to artificial intelligence not solely relying on the rational decision-making bias which current artificial intelligent devices are susceptible to. We can advance artificial intelligence towards an intelligence which is besides built upon rationality and intelligence (data, facts and figures) embedded in human ethics. VII Digital blocks ™

Digital blocks ™ are the first Installment of the AEP ® Product Series ™. The Digital Blocks ™ are rather unique products. Some of these Digital Blocks ™ are available in physical and digital version. Thus making it possible to purchase an application, getting familiar with it and later on purchasing the physical equivalent. There is also a cross-over possible between digital and physical. Through eReader™ users can through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) engage with the Digital Blocks ™.

Digital Blocks ™

XI AEP ® Wicked Tuna Story ™

AEP ® will be at the forefront of business activities in the 21st century, enriching old systems, innovating beyond current restrictions for the benefit of planet and people. Our technologies and applications are not developped to manage our planet but for the planet to manage itself. A subtle difference that has a significant influence and gives our organisation an undiscussable economic strategic advantage. In regards to the Wicked Tuna Story ™ people are overfishing various species in highly competitive markets driving fish species into extinction. Through strategic collaborations fish can be breed in sustainable fishery boxes while we aid the population of fish species to regrow organically and aid in the rejuvenation of the global coral reef. This approach offers unique advantages which will be touched upon further in the future.

XIll AEP ® Deep Blue Belief ™

This is a deep belief cultivated by serial inventor and entrepreneur Dobbe Boogaerts. Through appropriate ™ and synectivistic technology ™ we can transform our business activities towards less polluting and more environmentally friendly businesses. The Sustainable Organisational Ecosystem AEP ® is built on this belief. In combination with the philosophy of organic growth in regards to the 'Wicked Tuna Metaphor' we can create emergent businesses that thrive on nature's strenghts:

-Through sustainable fishery boxes we aid in the rejuvenation of the global coral reef

while regrowing populations of endangered fish species

-Through generative farming boxes we aid in the recovery process of damaged


-Yet unspoken, unheard methodes and initiatives.

Blue Belief ™

AEP ® BOIP I-Depot Deposition 26.08.2019

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AEP ® Aedifici Planeta Vision Document 2019

Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (2019). Aedifici Planeta (AEP) Innovation Deposition 26.08.2019

Dobbe Boogaerts shares a message of hope, prosperity, and evolutionary purpose with humankind. Words shape worlds, that's why Dobbe Boogaerts invented new ones from the source where our ideas and thoughts are not being governed by what is but by what can be. This is where our greatest potential lies.

AEP ® Sustainable Organisational Ecosystem™

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